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words of love I love getting feedback from those I’ve read for because it lets me know that I am doing my work as best I can – that I am as clear a channel as I strive to be. Some of those I’ve read for have been kind enough to allow me to share their comments on here.

My experience with Lisa was life-changing!

She is such a gifted intuitive and the information she gave me was actionable, relevant, and extremely accurate to my situation. She has helped me recognize parts of myself that were buried under years of programming and has given me the confidence to express them.

She is a wonderful teacher and guide and her manner is gentle yet profound. Her beautiful gift of communication with Spirit Guide Teams provides for a unique, fully customized session every time and I find this so refreshing!

Lisa is such a genuine person and I feel that I can always count on her to tell me what I need to hear in order to take my next step, both in life and in business.
Stephanie Camilleri
Embody Your True Essence

“All of my life I have felt a little bit alone on some level, not really fitting in with the majority of people around me, the education systems, the formulas of success, or what the world viewed as important. On the flip side, I had forgotten my connection to my team of unseen helpers and at times this was very uncomfortable to work with because I’ve always known I’m here to do big work. So to not “fit in” with the general world and yearn to be connected with something bigger has always been quite the predicament.

What Lisa did is help me see that the connection to my life, my business and my legacy are fully supported by a whole team. I can’t tell you what a relief it is to not only know that I’m supported, but more importantly to know how to have a growing and real relationship with my guides is incredible.

Lisa’s practical and intuitive style makes so much sense for me because I can anchor the information in a way that will actually make a difference for my life, not just be a feel-good band-aid that is a temporary fix. Thanks Lisa, I feel like you opened up the whole world for me. ”
Angella Johnson
Soul Business Strategist| Soul Vision Strategies

“I’ve had two really good readings with Lisa and am heeding the wisdom from my guides. She’s the real deal and also just a delight to talk with. She’s also highly attuned in the sense of only getting and delivering insight that will inspire you and help you. She operates on a very high and loving vibration (as you would have guessed, but I would like to affirm).” – FDB

“I just want to tell me that you blow me away with your natural intuition.  I don’t think I have ever had someone with such direct messages for me that were so practical and made so much sense.” – Kara

“Many thanks, for a deeply valuable, informative, supportive, validating and encouraging reading. I’m grateful for the insights and clarifications and for the tips about clearing and trusting. I wholeheartedly recommend what you do and encourage anyone who may have been hesitant about having a reading to go for it. ”  - Samantha P.

“Lisa, thank you so very much for an insightful talk yeaterday. I scrawled pages of notes and am amazed — you truly offer practical intuition! :) I have lots to digest over the coming days and will surely be in touch for more of support from you. Thanks again.” – Tamsin D.

Although I don’t usually promote things on this blog, I am happy to shamelessly promote my good friend Lisa, over at As her blog name suggests, Lisa does intuitive readings in a very practical way. While her blog is relatively new, her psychic talent is well-developed.

In the readings she gave me, I got totally down to earth advice. The advice was very easy to understand, so I could implement it immediately. She can tell what your guides recommend as the most helpful things for you at this moment. You will be so relieved because you’ll be able to do it right away!

I found it most interesting that in the advice she gave me, my guides used the same obscure words that I use in my own speech. This made me even more sure that she was actually talking to my guides.

I am bowled over by the hugeness of her connection to Source. You can ask her as many questions as you want in the reading time allotted, and she asks your own guides and receives an instant response. Her readings are a great deal!

I’m happy to promote Lisa, because I know that in a short time we will all be able to say “I knew her when she had just launched her site…” So go NOW and sign up for her newsletter, and book a reading.

When the rest of the world finds out about her talent, you may not have the chance!
From Kara @ Conduit of Joy

“That was a very intense and cathartic reading you gave me last night. I will definitely be a repeat client. You and your guides ROCK! I am very much looking forward to working with you and your guides in the future. BTW Love your website too I visit it often.” – Chana D.

“Ever since we did the cord cutting, I have felt a new power welling inside of me. It has been good, I feel like confidence is mine again.” – Kelly S.

“I can honestly say that the cord cutting healed me on many levels, brought things into focus for me and freed me up to deal with relationships without the toxic aspects.” – “Catherine”

“I feel like I have ME back … that I have my life back – this person was sucking a lot of energy from me and now I can feel my energy staying within me.  I wish I had learned/gotten this done a long time ago but I know the time was right now. Thank you so much – 10x over!!” – Christine S.

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