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In the very early stages of my career as a budding intuitive, I prepared a twenty-six page report for a friend, naming all the members of her Spirit Guide team, I brought each in for a chat (and transcribed it!) and gave her a ton of information on how that team worked with her.

She came back to me a few days later and said “This is lovely and I thank you very much for it. Now, what am I supposed to do with it?”

And I thought “Yeah! What ARE you supposed to do with it??”

I had no answers for her because unless you take action, it’s just words on a page.

Even more, what if it’s not actionable guidance? What if it’s just the name of your Guide or that they ping you on the nose every Tuesday to get your attention?

You want more than just information from an intuitive reading, right?  You want guidance that helps you change your life. (I did!)

And so, in that moment where I was trying to figure out what to tell my friend,  Practically Intuitive was born.

Lisa WI’m Lisa Wechtenhiser, founder of Practically Intuitive – intuitive readings with a practical focus. I’ve been highly intuitive all my life but began to study metaphysics and energy work in depth about thirteen years ago.

Becoming attuned to Reiki in 2004 opened up my crown chakra in a big way and I was able to connect with loved ones who have passed over as well as Guides and Teachers in Spirit. The more I grew spiritually, the more that channel opened up not only for me but for others as well.

I’ve offered intuitive readings as a channel for Spirit Guides professionally since 2009 and have built my reputation as a clear channel for practical, actionable information.


It’s one thing to be able to accurately bring through guidance from our wisdom teams (and it’s a cool thing, I won’t lie).

It is another to put that guidance into practical, actionable steps in real life.

For example, the suggestion to “step into your power” often comes through for my clients.  It means something different for every single person who receives that guidance.

My work as a practical intuitive is to help you see what it means in your life, right now.

Because the guidance that comes from your Higher Self and Spirit Guide team is meant to be used *right now* and not someday when you “get your life together”.

Surprisingly (to me) not all intuitives have this focus.

Some give you pages and pages of information about soul paths and birth charts and the names of your Spirit Guides and a thousand other pieces.

All good stuff -IF- you know what to do with it.

But what if you don’t?  Then it ends up in a file folder on your computer, long forgotten.

No action taken.

No changes in your life.

Money tossed out the window.

That’s not how I work with my clients.

Here’s why:

What comes from your Guides in Spirit and your Higher Self is sacred information.  I consider the invitation to enter someone’s soul to work with them at that level a HUGE responsibility but also a huge honor.   I feel privileged when someone comes in front of me and says “Here’s what’s in my soul. Where do I go now?”

It’s not a game.

It’s your life.

And it’s your soul’s path down here in the physical world.

As someone who has the ability to tap into that space, I take that invitation very seriously with the respect that it deserves.

I’m not just bringing guidance through.  I’m helping you integrate and understand it.

That’s part of my soul’s work in this lifetime.

The respect and reverence I hold for this sacred information shapes everything I do with Practically Intuitive.

And it has led me to this next step.

Practically Intuitive Mentoring and Certification for Professional Intuitives

When I sit with you in an intuitive session, my focus is always on translating the guidance into actionable steps.  If you don’t understand something the Guides suggest, I’ll be your advocate and ask them to clarify.  I’ll help you make sense of what they’re saying, illuminate what it means for you in the days ahead and make sure you leave the call with next steps and the reason for those steps.

This is the standard I hold for myself.

It’s the standard I hold for anyone training with me in the Mentoring and Certification course.

When you receive an intuitive reading from someone who has been trained by me and has earned the Practically Intuitive Certification, you can be sure of these things:

1)      You will receive actionable, practical guidance.

2)      You will receive just the information you need to get into action now and no more because overwhelm = stuckness.

3)      You’ll come away with clarity and next steps on the issue you presented.

How can I guarantee that?

I strongly believe in knowing my students very well – their strengths, the skills they bring to the table, their unique abilities.

By the time they’ve earned the Practically Intuitive Certification, we will have spent lots of time together – in classes and in one-on-one sessions and in group discussions and I will know their process in-depth.  I will have taught them that same process and mentored them as they filtered and refined it with their own clients.

I’ve seen (and even taken) certification courses where the teacher didn’t know anyone in the course well.  We were all just faceless voices on a phone line.  Yet, they certified us in the particular modality or class because we showed up.

Skill level was not the priority; moving people through the course was.

I will not do that.

I’ve had way too many readings by other professional intuitives (and shelled out a lot of money for them) that were just plain unhelpful.

  • They told me things I already knew about myself so I left with no further insight.
  • They told me things I was not ready to hear and couldn’t act on.
  • One reading even copied my natal chart information from another site and passed it off as original astrological information.

Why would someone pay hard-earned money for that?

Instead of helping, these readings confused me and left me sad that I spent money and got nothing for it.

Based on those experiences, I decided to create a standard for readings I offered.

These readings had to offer clarity, support and steps to my client or else it was not the work I wanted to do.


I honed my readings for years, gathering feedback from practice clients and then paying clients.

I became known for the crystal clear connection I have with Spirit Guides and my ability to help you put that guidance into action so measurable shifts and growth came from this wisdom.

The work I do honors my soul path as it works with and honors yours.

And because I bring integrity to all my work, I would not stake my name and reputation to certify someone that didn’t meet my own personal standards as an intuitive practitioner.

I abide by those standards because they are important to me and how I choose to operate my business.

Those who earn this certification share the same passion I do for offering this sacred information in a way that serves you.

They value integrity, higher service and have the burning desire to support and empower those who come to them for this wisdom.

Why would an aspiring intuitive choose this course out of all the ones available online?

Perhaps the biggest reason is the hands-on mentoring work I do with my students.

You don’t get a fat workbook, thirty-seven CDs and a big bag of overwhelm.

You get ME. 

My time.

My knowledge.

My experience.

And you get my focus on learning all about YOU as an intuitive reader.

I don’t want to turn out a bunch of mini-Lisas.

What I DO want is to help you find your own way of accessing guidance and helping others with that information in a way that serves the highest and best part of both.

I’ll walk right beside you: teaching, mentoring, guiding and shaping your skills.

In my intuitive readings, I emphasize practical, actionable guidance.

It’s the same emphasis that I teach.

The information has to be actionable for you *now*.  There are a million ideas and theories I could share but they’re all not relevant now.

Too much drops you right into overwhelm.

Overwhelm = stuck.

Stuck = no business, no income, no walking your soul’s path.

I’ve been there, done that and it was not a fun adventure at all.

Here’s the thing: I’ve built my business from the ground up and have learned a lot along the way, not only about offering readings but sales and marketing, how to work with clients, how to take care of yourself as you step into this work and a lot more.  I bring all of this knowledge and experience to my course so that you learn what being a professional means in general and for you, specifically.

But I bring ONLY what is needed at this point in your journey. 

If you don’t even have a website up, there’s no sense spending hours talking about SEO.

If you’re terrified of doing a paid reading, there’s no point in discussing how to create a high-end package.

It’s not relevant when you’re starting.  It’s just noise and when you can’t make it work the way “everyone else” can, your self-esteem really goes down the tubes.

It takes someone who knows her business inside and out to understand how much is too much.

(It takes someone who bought a thousand courses on things she wasn’t ready for to truly understand why she wasn’t ready and find her way there minus the overwhelm! And yes, that’s me. Surprise!)

What you’ll come away with from your time in this course

Have you ever taken a course that had stated objectives and goals and when you finished it, you realized you got a lot more than just those pieces?

The biggest thing you’ll take away from this course is confidence in your own skills as an intuitive reader. 

Everything else stems from that.

Doing that first intuitive reading is pretty intimidating. What if you’re wrong? What if your client says “none of that fits for me at all” – where do you go then?  Do you just shrug and say “well, I’m not surprised – I really was pulling it out of my butt all along”?  Or do you find out where your radar was off a bit and try again?

That’s the hardest part and it’s also the most rewarding part.

The moment when you dive in and *trust* what you get and your client says “Yes, that’s it. Totally.” – It’s such a sweet moment.

It’s the instant when you realize you really CAN do this.

(Because you totally can!)

You don’t have to be an expert at it to start.


In the pilot group for this program, three students had never done a reading before.  They just held their breath and jumped into the deep end of the pool.  The feedback they got for those readings showed their intuition was right on target. It helped reinforce to them that we are all connected up in some way, even if we can’t figure it out.

The more you trust in your ability to bring through that guidance in service to yourself and others, the stronger that ability gets.

And when you have that as your superpower, many things in life become a lot easier.  (And more fun!)

So, yes, in this program you’ll get skills, techniques, group support, hands-on guidance and lots of information that will help you now.

Those are the tangible things.

What you’ll really get is faith in yourself.

You jumped into the deep end of the pool and not only didn’t you drown, but you found out you can swim like an Olympian gold-medal winner.

Swim with joy, with ease and with enormous confidence on this path that is yours alone.

And rock that path with all your heart.

Which level is right for you?

• See the chart below – if you are new to doing intuitive work for others and need confidence and practice before you set up shop, then Level One is your next step. Click here for more information—>

• If you already are a professional intuitive and want to amp up your skills, marketing efforts and take your business bigger, then Level Two is the place for you! More information to follow very soon!

Payment plans are available.

Level One Level Two / Certification
Format Small Group One on one
What you’ll learn 1) 3 types of intuitive readings 2) how to work with clients 3) the importance of taking care of your own spiritual growth 4) the foundation to build an online business. Improving your readings, various healing techniques, marketing (courses, books, classes, etc) and more based on your needs
Who it’s for Beginning to intermediate intuitives who want to create or expand a business offering spiritual guidance Intermediate to advanced intuitives who want to take their business to the next level (skills and marketing) and attain certification and on-going training & support
Time Frame 4 months (3 75 minute calls per month and offline practice time) Six months for certification depending on skill level which encompasses both mentoring calls and offline work (marketing, website revision, etc.)
Continuing Education None provided beyond scope of Level One course work On-going mentoring calls for all certified practitioners, opportunities to co-teach classes with me, monthly one year bonus access to all Practically Intuitive courses and products, promotion of your business on the Certified Practical Intuitive website and more!
Investment $1650 $1350 until August 15th, 2014.  By application only. Click here for details!
Results you’ll receive You will be provided tools, experience, mentoring, support and assistance to start an online intuitive reading practice. In the certification process, you will have 4 months of hands-on one-on-one mentoring with me to build your business or take it to the next level. You’ll also become part of the Certified Practical Intuitive Network and be featured on the site, receive referrals, co-teach classes with me and receive on-going education and guidance for one year after certification as well as discounts on mentoring sessions with me for one year.