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How to be a really good intuitive reader

Posted in Adventures of an Intuitive, Becoming Conscious, Lessons Learned | 8 comments

Might you be one of my “peeps”? This is a term I’ve heard used lots of places in the blogosphere.   Your peeps are the ones who follow your blog and/or Facebook fan page, re-tweet your twitters, and generally are interested in what you have to say.

I’m finding that one group of my peeps are often those who know they have some intuitive or psychic skills but aren’t sure what to do with those skills. Or how to develop them further.

So I’m going to share a few tips for them (and maybe you?):

1. TRUST WHAT YOU GET – this is the single best piece of advice I got from any teacher. It came from one of my first instructors when I was learning to read auras. The rational mind really wants to reject anything it can’t explain and information that seems to come from beyond your rational mind is easy to explain away as coincidence or something you pulled out of your butt.

Yet, in that unguarded moment between when you ask the question and your rational mind takes over comes authentic intuitive information. Go with it. Trust it. Why not? It’s not as if you are deciding the fate of the universe or the cure for cancer and everything hinges on the correct answer, right? :)

1a. START TRUSTING WITH SMALL THINGS – if the thought of “trust what you get” scares the bejebbies out of you, start small. The phone rings. Who is it? Tune in real quick and see who comes to mind. (Don’t peek at caller ID, either!) Keep doing that and see if you can improve on what you get. That’s where the fun comes in. Give yourself small challenges and see how it flows. Make it a game.

2. WE ALL HAVE DIFFERENT WAYS OF GETTING THE INFORMATION – for example, I am able to hear words inside my head in a voice that is distinctly not mine (and no, I’m not crazy. I don’t think. Am I? No. I’m fine. Really.) I also just sort of know things. Those are my predominant gifts but others come and go depending on whether I need them at the moment.

Yours might be the ability to see astral entities. Or have the ability to communicate with souls on the other side. Whatever way you have, it’s yours. Don’t feel like you’re a failure because you can’t hear things the way others do. I’d love to see ghosts and stuff. Do I? No. And I’m fine with that. I know which way my information comes through. Do you? If not, talk to me and we can figure it out!

3. IT TAKES PRACTICE to get accurate information consistently. There are a rare few who seem to have been born doing this work but that’s not the majority of this group. Many, many come to their gifts sideways, almost as if it took them by surprise. (Sure took me by surprise when I found out I could hear my cats! And my dog, too. Lots of dogs, even. They tell me their names as I walk down the street. It makes me laugh.)

Keep practicing your skills whenever you can.  If you do it with consciousness and intent, you’ll find it gets much easier.

4. See #1: TRUST WHAT YOU GET – here’s a story: In a class to learn aura reading, we were given a task to look across the room at another individual and have the intention to tune in and see what comes through. I looked at this nice lady and kept hearing the words “ice cream” over and over and over.

When it came time to share what we got, I felt like a dope. Those words made no sense to me at all. Still, I looked at her and said “Ice cream?” and she started laughing. Turns out it was her husband’s birthday and she was making a mental note to stop and get (yep) ice cream on the way home.

See? I took a chance on feeling like a fool and it turns out I was spot on! Even if what comes through feels inane to you or inaccurate, remember that it’s your rational mind *judging* the content. And if you’re pulling information through for another person, the information may not make sense to you because it’s not *for* you. Just like this lady knew what ice cream meant and I didn’t. Made no sense to me at all. But it came through and I shared it.

You won’t be right 100% of the time. No one is.  But the more you do it (and let the fear of looking foolish slip away), the more confidence you get in your skills.  Soon, like me, you’ll learn to trust whatever you get – especially when you need to depend on those skills for really important things.

And Hey! If you are one of my “peeps” and want to learn more about how to take your skills to the next level, email me and let’s talk about ways to do just that.

Skills, I haz dem.  You can haz dem too? (Who knows LOLspeak?? Keys to my bitty heart, that is!)

So, fellow intuitives, what tips can you add for others who are interested in the topic? I’d love to hear them in the comments below.

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  1. Angela Artemis

    Congratulations on your Beautiful Blogger Award.
    I really enjoyed this article.
    I'm so there with you regarding trusting what you get. It's usually the things we think are silly and don't say that were the most meaningful to the people we're reading for, right?
    I'm still amazed by the clarity of your clairaudience! If I get a name and partial sentence I jump for joy!
    All the best,
    Angela Artemis


  2. Patricia

    I am glad my computer is fixed and I can read today your good words. I am a peep with some skill, I knew every caller on the phone today and phone numbers just pop into my head if I do not think of them and just dial.

    I knew my pup's name right away and I manifested enough funds to attain him and pay off the credit card. I hear my word right now is "flow" or do not keep pushing the river. I am honoring that.

    I do not wish to be an expert but I do feel a need to discuss the information I am getting with other real persons to interpret them and that is why I keep connecting with your good words and Kara's.
    Nice post…kind of like ice cream on top!


  3. Kimberly Gauthier

    I would love to read auras. I was one visit from someone from another plane, but they never came back and I've always been bummed by that; and my father and grandfather visited me once before they moved on (after they passed away). I do hear the voices in my head. There's no tone, it's not my voice, it's like a loud whisper, it's one voice but has a lot of impact behind it, and I get laughter too. What I can do consistently is ask for help and receive it pretty quickly. It's nice to know that there are others too, because I've learned not to discuss this with anyone.


  4. Lindsay

    I love this article. I'm still fairly new to this whole intuitive thing. I mean, I've known I was intuitive from a very early age, but I never knew what it was. And for a lot of my adult life (so far) I'd pushed it away and even tried to ignore it. Now, I'm embracing it and learning it. But so much of the time the ugly monster we know as "doubt" rears his ugly head. 

    I feel things…I'm really, really good at feeling how others feel just by looking at them. And sometimes not by even looking at them, but just hearing about this person. I also see things…like, if I'm doing a reading for someone, I close my eyes and get images for the person I'm reading for. I once kept seeing four-leaf clovers. I told my client about it and she said "The day you did my reading, a long-lost friend who now lives in Ireland contacted me." Validation! Ah, it feels good. 

    Practice, practice, practice. That's what I'd tell anyone who is trying to develop and strengthen their intuitive skills. Even with practice, we're never perfect (who is?!) so don't let your moments of being "wrong" bring ya down. 


  5. evelynwrites

    Lisa, I'm definitely one of your peeps. ;-) Great article. I have been flooded with little nudges and synchronicities lately and it feels fabulous.

    Be sure to get back with me about your prize so that I can start working on it for you. ;-)


  6. liveafloat2011

    Hi Lisa, I get my 'assistance' from daily meditations that I am signed up to. I swear – they are so in tuned with what I am thinking or feeling or going through in that day, or the day before. Dailyom and Meditations for Women are ones that so 'speak' to me. I do hear voices in my head… but I haven't been able to figure out if it's me going wacky or voices trying to help me :-) When i was little I did 'see' someone… he was an old man, crouched on top of a bookcase in my parents house… he had a top hat and a suit on… i just remember seeing him and hurrying the heck out of there.. I was like 6. I also have a wonderful deck of soul cards (thank you) that i can ask a question to and sure enough the answer comes up. One day I was asking a question and before i could even fully open the box up – 'the' card came out on top… and it was the answer. So I would say I am open to working on other skills – but I will certainly take my readings – it helps me to read them and let it soak in. Thank you for you!!


  7. Mandy

    How very true that the messages are not 'for you'. Having sat in circle for a number of years I am constantly confused by the things I am given, but when repeating them back to the group find they are exactly right. Indeed, they are not 'for me' to understand!

    Enjoy the journey.



  8. Louise Edington

    I just know things with a big tingly feeling on the back of my head. Feels like my hair is standing on end. Usually when doing an astrology reading. If I ever have time (doing several courses right now and flooded with work) I think I would like to work with you to hone it. You are fabulous!


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